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Tech and Workspace Assessment

XACT@Home Requirements

Minimum Requirements


  • Desktop Windows based PC with a licensed operating system running Windows 10 or higher
  • Modern multicore processor
  • 4 GB of RAM or greater


  • One 21″ or greater display or multiple 19″ or greater displays – multiple displays recommended and preferred.


  • A compatible, approved wired USB headset from the following brand options:
    • Logitech
    • Microsoft
    • Plantronics/Poly
    • Sennheiser
    • Jabra
  • Wireless headsets are not permitted due to battery life limitations.

Connectivity Requirements


  • High speed Internet connection
  • Fiber or cable connectivity, DSL approved with speed waiver – no satellite permitted
  • 6 MB download speed, minimum
  • 2 MB upload speed, minimum
  • Wired connection, no wireless connections permitted
  • Private LAN connections, no hotels or open connections
  • A sustainable ping (no time out) and response rate to our data center in Orlando, FL

Workspace Requirements


  • A private room with a lockable door that you can lock during work hours
  • No common area rooms unless you are the exclusive tenant
  • Suitable desk with an ergonomic chair and flat surface for the PC and monitor(s)


  • No temporary housing  situations permitted, such as a hotel, hostel or airBNB.
  • No public settings, such as an internet cafe, coffee shop or other shared setting.

How we will assess?

We will login to your computer remotely and run an evaluation to determine that you meet the minimum requirements.

How will we check?

We will run a comprehensive speed and connectivity test from your PC to our network by remoting into your computer.

How will we verify?

You will be required to take pictures of your physical work environment and submit them as part of the assessment. 

If you’re in your home office, on your working PC while connected to your provider, you can begin your assessment.

If this is your first assessment or

  • Your connection has changed
  • Your PC has been changed
  • Your work space has changed

If you have been previously assessed but failed or

  • You need to have your connection re-evaluated
  • Your PC needs to be re-evaluated
  • You need to upload new or additional photos for a workspace re-evaluation

Please have your assessment ID available.

Requirements and FAQs

What happens if I fail my assessment?

If you fail any part of your assessment, you will be given a grace period in which to correct the issue. If you fail to the correct the issue within the timeframe alotted, you will not be permitted to work and you will need to restart the assessment process.

How will I take my photos of my workspace?

You will take photos of your workspace with your cell phone or a camera device and upload them as part of the assessment process. The photos must be provided from particular angles and include particular components in them.

Why do I require a lockable door?

You may be handling sensitive data as part of your job responsibilities with us. The lockable door permits your home office space to be secure, prohibiting others from entering your workspace without your knowledge.

Can I use a satellite internet connection?

Unfortunately, no. Satellite internet connections require particular weather conditions in order to function properly and are subject to interference.

Can I use a laptop with an external monitor?

In some circumstances, you may — but it depends on the account you are servicing. Your Assessment Advisor will let you know if a laptop is permissible, but generally speaking, it is not.

Can I use a Mac based PC?

Unfortunately, no. Our tools and connectivity are designed for Windows-based PCs only.

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